Lip Blushing Kit



Lip Blushing Kit Includes:

  • Beau Inks (4)
    • Coral Sunrise NEW
    • Rosa Red
    • New Pumpkin
    • Hydrator
  • Needles for Outline (10 needles)
  • Needles for Shading (10 needles)
  • Lip Guard (pack of 10)
  • Lip Practice Skins (5)
  • White Mapping String
  • White Pencil
  • Red Pencil
  • Topicals (2)
    • Zensa – 5% Lidocaine
    • Numbpot

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Introducing our Permanent Makeup Lip Blushing Kit, a must-have for professional artists seeking to enhance and redefine clients' lips with long-lasting beauty. This comprehensive kit includes high-quality pigments, precision tools, topicals, and needles to effortlessly create natural-looking, perfectly tinted lips. Elevate your artistry and offer clients the convenience of smudge-proof and vibrant lip color that lasts, making this kit an essential addition to every Permanent Makeup Artist's repertoire.


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